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Knuckle Puck Involved In Van Accident; Will Finish Tour Anyway

Knuckle Puck

Dear Universe,

We’re not sure what your gripe is with bands and tour busses/vans at the moment, but can you just, like, fucking not?


Pop-punk pummelers Knuckle Puck have become the latest band to wind up in a vehicular accident this week, after their tour van met its fate in the form of a deer not looking both ways before crossing. Nobody was injured – except, of course, the deer – but the band were forced to miss a show in Toronto, Canada.

However, the fivesome aren’t ones to cripple in the face of adversity – they’ll be trucking on with the remaining 22 dates of their North American tour supporting The Wonder Years. They’ll be renting a van to knock out the rest of the dates, which, as you can imagine, isn’t going to be some cheap shit. You can help the band out by throwing some coin on a couple of their lesser known releases on Bandcamp, or by picking up some sweet new threads on their webstore.

Take a look at Knuckle Puck’s updates below:

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