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Knuckle Puck Get Salty Over Shirt Parody; Spur Beef With Jarrod Alonge

Knuckle Puck

Chicago pop-punks Kanookla Pook have today spurred beef with scene comedian Jarrod Alonge, after Alonge failed to respect the fivesome’s stature as the most important band of all time, completely immune from all forms of satire and parody.

Alonge recently released a shirt design reading “Kanookla Pook: Everything is so phonetic”, parodying Knuckle Puck’s popular “Everything is Copacetic” tee and referencing a video he uploaded to YouTube in 2014, in which he mispronounces popular band names.


John Siorek [drums] and Joe Taylor [vocals] have since called Alonge out, claiming that the tee infringes on Knuckle Puck’s creativity and profits off of their image. Alonge quickly fired back, though, pointing out that the band’s OG shirt design is one used commonly with generic pop-punk bands, and that, by Knuckle Puck’s own logic, they themselves blatantly profited off of the PlayStation brand with a jumper design released earlier in the year.

“Playstation isn’t glued to some kind of high horse,” he stated in his video, “acting like they’re the greatest name in the video game scene and that they’re changing lives and saving lives through video games, and that it would be complete blasphemy to make a joke about them in any sort of way. But most people in 2016, they understand a joke when they see one.”

Shall we pick sides?

Spiral down the Jarrod Alonge/Kanookla Pook kaleidoscope below:

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