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Frank Iero’s Band Have Been Involved In A Serious Road Accident In Sydney

Frank Iero

Just hours before he was due to hit the stage for the final date of his 2016 Australian tour, New Jersey noisemaker Frank Iero and his backing band, The Patience, found themselves involved in a serious road accident.

Police say that the incident took place around 3:50pm yesterday; whilst crew members were unloading equipment outside of Sydney’s Twitter HQ – where Iero was scheduled to go live with a Q&A session – the band’s van became the centre of a bus crash, seriously injuring several people. The van was illegally parked in a bus lane at the time.

It is understood that two men (assumed to be aged 35 and 42) have sustained serious leg injuries, but are in stable conditions. One of the men were required to be airlifted to St. Vincent’s Hospital, with the other taken via ambulance. A third man (assumed to be aged 29) has been said to have narrowly escaped substantial injury, and was treated at the scene for cuts and bruises. The van’s driver (a 33-year-old woman) was thankfully uninjured, with the driver of the bus taken to hospital for mandatory testing.

“At the time, the final passengers of the bus had already exited the vehicle and the driver of the bus was the only occupant,” NSW Police have stated.

Exact details on who specifically was involved – and injured – are still unknown at this point, and despite the wild speculation from various media outlets, BLUNT suggests taking all info with a grain of salt until official statements from those involved are made.

Iero has since taken to Twitter to put the mass hysteria of his fans at ease, stating, “We’re pretty banged up but miraculously alive [and] in stable condition. I’m still in a state of shock.”

“I awoke to some very upsetting, sad, and serious news,” wrote former My Chemical Romance bandmate (and vocalist) Gerard Way. “Heartbroken. I know just as much as all of you but I hope the continued outpouring of love, well wishes and support help. Make sure to hug the ones you care about. Sending all of my love and thoughts to Frank and the boys.”

Take a look at some of the statements made regarding the situation below:

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