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Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley Forms Vegan, Straight-Edge Hardcore Supergroup

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It’s finally happened – the most sXe band of all time has formed, and it’s called Sect. Not only is it some of the most face-crushing, skin-melting hardcore we’ve heard in recent days, the band itself sports a pretty impressive crew of talent.

Scott Crouse and Ian Edwards of New York metal unit Earth Crisis have teamed up with Cursed vocalist Chris Colohan to spawn the project, rounding out the bill with Catharsis guitarist James Chang and, as we’re most excited over, Andy Hurley – otherwise known as the bearded legend behind the drums in pop-punk-come-pop rulers Fall Out Boy.

For those wondering why the fuck the dude who drummed in Fall Out Boy is in an extreme hardcore band, Hurley actually has a pretty solid history with the genre, and in the supergroup realm as well – back when FOB were on hiatus, he formed The Damned Things with members of Anthrax and Every Time I Die.

The quintet already have some decent tunes under their belts, too – alongside a three-track demo that you can spin below, they’ve announced a full-length debut album: Sect (yep, they’re self-titlers) will be with us on August 5th courtesy of indie legends Resist Records (Parkway Drive, Vices, ect.).

Check out the first three demos songs from Sect below!

Sect (S/T) is out August 5th via Resist Records
Pre-order info TBA.


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