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Exclusive Video Premiere: Alex The Kid – “Punchface Champions”

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Since the dawn of time, humankind has rummaged for an answer to life’s most dire question: How can we make Mondays less shit? Science was a bum steer, cultural traditions involved getting up too early, and as any good Queenslander will vouch, no amount of 8am XXXX tinnies could prepare us for the inevitable midday crash.

Alas, the secret seems to lie with Perth up-and-comers Alex The Kid – to survive the dredges of a new working week, all you need to do is kick it off with some fierce, frothy Aussie punk. They’ve given us the exclusive heads up on the music video for their newest jam, “Punchface Champions” – a pit-perfect banger clamouring for fists in the air and feet off the ground.

Filmed and edited by a couple of the band’s mates – Andre Junior and James Moretta – the clip portrays the quintet attempting to conquer (with varying degrees of failure) the all-enticing mechanical bull.

“We wanted to do something fun, something that’s intended to be a bit cheesy because the song is one of our more serious tracks from the album and we wanted to lighten the mood,” says guitarist Dale Barker. “It was heaps of fun to film. So many bruises and sore limbs, but it was worth it.”

The cut follows “Skate Or Lie” as the second single from Alex The Kid’s debut album, Speak Up. Effortlessly one of the most impressive debuts we’ve seen in the past few years, the opus can be snagged right the fuck now from Pee Records.

Start the week right with a stream of Alex The Kid’s new clip below!

Speak Up is out now via Pee Records
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | Webstore (Band) (Label)Bandcamp | iTunes


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