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Exclusive Track Premiere: Trojans – “Dead Eyed Stare”


Less than a full year since their inception, Sydney groove-djent warriors Trojans are already turning heads and mowing through competitors like this scribe does with Malteasers. Their damn impressive work ethic is only matched by their soul-crushing beats, and in a decent four minutes, they prove that astonishingly with their new single, “Dead Eyed Stare”.

Melding vicious riffs with soaring melodies, the cut makes for a scathing antithesis to Trojans’ softer peers in bands the likes of The Amity Affliction or A Day To Remember. Its topical background lies in the dark trenches of the protagonist’s depression, diving headfirst into the suicidal idealities and bleak perspective on life that their affliction lashes on them. There’s a silver lining shined on the otherwise blackened lyricisms, though, with a highlight on the strength the sufferer has to overcome their illness.

Directed, filmed and edited by Jacob Pattinson, “Dead Eyed Stare” is met with a film clip that personifies the banger’s concept with its own metaphor-heavy narrative.

As a press release* puts it, the video “follows our main character (Dosey Smith) waking up in an abandoned hospital, being chased by Death (Rachel Greenwood). Smith becomes distraught, unable to escape the hospital, until he sees Life (Esther Link) walk past. He follows Life, who guides him through and out of the hospital. Death remains persistent in tempting him to stay, but he finds the strength to break free and set off to find his Peace.”

Making the whole thing approximately 9,120,374% more awesome, the video was shot in a legit abandoned mental hospital – the Queen Victoria sanitarium in the Blue Mountains. “Dead Eyed Stare” is the first track to come from Trojans’ forthcoming debut EP, The Blissful Hollow, set for release in February 2017.

The band are set to launch the single with two headline shows this December, hitting Port Macquarie for all ages gig on the 10th, and Sydney for an 18+ drop-in at MMRS on the 17th.

Go insane with the video for “Dead Eyed Stare” below!

* – BLUNT altered the original wording in the provided quote.

The Blissful Hollow drops TBA February 2017
Pre-order it: Bandcamp


Tour Dates

Saturday December 10th – Youth Hub, Port Macquarie (AA)
Details: Facebook

Saturday December 17th – MMRS @ Hermans Bar, Sydney (18+)
Details: Facebook

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