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Exclusive Track Premiere: Shutup Shutup Shutup – “My Friends”

Shutup Shutup Shutup

Here at BLUNT HQ, our company-wide emailing system has a little bit of a glitch – by default, it autocorrects the letter ‘I’ to the letter ‘U’. This isn’t much of a problem, usually, but ever since that first memo went out fifteen years ago, it’s been ingrained in us that on Wednesdays, we wear punk.

Today’s outfit comes from Brisbane DIY-core unit Shutup Shutup Shutup – named after the appropriate response to anyone that may dare interrupt when you’re bumping one of their tunes. “My Friends” is a snazzy little suit, sewn together with gnawing riffs and a skull-ratting hook that just begs for replay.

“We made the clean guitar and drum break between the chorus and the bridge sound like someone who had never played guitar before was playing. That bit still cracks me up,” says drummer Rory Harrip.

The cut was born from Shutup Shutup Shutup’s ire towards how their lyrics had been taken out of context. Having had their words twisted too many times to count (fucking music journalists – burn them all), they set out to write a song so literal it simply couldn’t be warped… Well, aside from the bit where frontman Liam Edwards belts about chilling with Toadie from Neighbours.

“It hasn’t actually happened yet – partying with Toadie from Neighbours – but I like to write about what I want to happen in my life. He seems like a top bloke,” he said.

You’ll be able to jam “My Friends” on the reg – alongside four other crushing cuts – when Shutup Shutup Shutup drop their new EP, Back To The Start, on November 14th.

Get your ears around a stream of “My Friends” below!

Back To The Start drops November 14th independently
Pre-order it: iTunes


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