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Exclusive Track Premiere: Hollow World – “Defiling Paradise”

Hollow World

Today, most of your social media feeds, TV bants and mindless office chatter will have something to do with America, how badly they’re fucked, and why we’re all fucked if the human cheese twistie wins. Naturally, all of the political clusterfuckery boils down into one fierce, unrelenting emotion: anger. And the best way to exert that anger? Chuck a sick fucking mosh in the middle of the break room. Nobody can stop you. Especially not Melbourne death metallers Hollow World.

Why them? Well, they’re the ones that are going to trigger your mosh instincts – their new cut, “Defiling Paradise”, is so savage, sour and searing that from the moment Ben Roberts screams his first piercing vocal, your limbs will begin to just uncontrollably whip. Having its official first spin on triple j’s The Racket last week, “Defiling Paradise” is our first taste of the quintet’s forthcoming album, which, if this gives us any indication, will cause widespread chaos the world over.

Speaking on the track’s background, Roberts says that “Defiling Paradise” is about “the transition of human thought, from being a part of nature to being above it. It’s about how once we began to develop into civilized societies, we inherently lost touch with how much we actually rely on the natural environment for our existence.”

Accompanying the tune is a masterfully shot, murderously enticing music video. Directed by Miki Simankevicious, the clip was filmed in a private blue stone quarry in Avalon, Victoria.

“We set out to make the clip a visual reflection of the themes of filth and decay that the lyrics explore,” says guitarist Theo Goslett. “As the song is about man taking something beautiful and destroying it in the name of greed – we wanted the visual representation of the track to represent us in a similar manner. It was shot in that disjointed way because we thought it added to the creepiness of the lyrical themes.”

Hollow World are set to launch “Defiling Paradise” at the Worker’s Club in Melbourne next Friday, by their side a thunderous trilogy of Gravemind, Cryptic Abyss and Behold The Defiant.

Tear shit up with the video for Hollow World’s new single “Defiling Paradise” below!

Hollow World / Gravemind / Cryptic Abyss / Behold The Defiant
Single Launch Show

Friday November 18th – Worker’s Club, Melbourne
Tix: oztix.com.au

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