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Exclusive Track Premiere: Avenues – “Nothing”

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It’s the middle of the week – you’ve been working your arse off, uni has been all kinds of draining, and holy shit, will your kid ever take that fucking nap!? You’re keen to just zone out with your headphones blaring and transcend into a whole new dimension of alt-rock-ish perfection; that’s where Melbourne grunge-gaze unit Avenues come in.

The quartet have come out guns blazing with “Nothing”, their first single in over a year unquestionably worth the wait. Clocking in just shy of three minutes, the jam revels in moody, echo-heavy grunge vibes recalling the highest points of the ’90s rock boom, with a modern edge that’s entirely impossible to look away from. Pair it with vocals no less than celestial and you’ve pretty much just found yourself a new tune to blast on repeat ’til you can’t stand to hear another second.

“‘Nothing’ was the first song we worked on as a band after our EP was released, and the song was definitely a turning point for us,” says bassist and vocalist Matt Duncan. “Armarin [Saengsri, guitar] joined the band in early 2015 and we really started to see our sound develop into something special.

This version of ‘Nothing’ is just one of the many versions we’ve recorded – we started recording a bunch of new material in August 2015, and are just now reaching a point where we’re happy enough to start releasing the stuff we’ve been working on… So essentially, it took us a year to finish a two and a half minute song. We really hope people enjoy our new direction and you can expect to hear more from us later in the year.”

Wrap your ears around Avenues’ “Nothing” below!

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