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Exclusive EP Stream: Drown This City – False Idols

drown this city

It was only last month that Melbourne’s Drown This City first wowed us with their single, “I’m Not Divided”, and gave us word that their debut EP, False Idols, would be with us from June 3. By all accounts they were already killing it – and they hadn’t even played their first show yet.

A chaotic blend of metalcore and post-hardcore, the five-piece have carved out a niche all of their own, teaming monstrous vocals with crushing breakdowns and mind-melting electronic elements. And as for frontwoman Alex Reade? Few vocalists can serve up a sound that’s equal parts brutal and beautiful, and even fewer are women in the heavy scene. Reade skilfully switches between flesh-ripping screams and soaring melodic passages like it ain’t no thang.

“There’s no better feeling than holding all your hard work, sweat and tears in the palm of your hand,” Reade says of the EP. “To be able to release False Idols to the world, and the sense of accomplishment we feel, we just can’t wait for everyone to hear it! It’s a powerful EP; we’ve condensed the best we can offer into five energetic tracks, and now we get to sit back and enjoy our hard work!”

All about that DIY life, Drown This City crafted the music, lyrics and song arrangements on their upcoming release, with production duties being handled by the band’s own Anthony Pallas (drums) and Laurence Appleby (guitar).

The best part about all this, we hear you wondering? We’ve got an advance stream of their EP for you to listen to right freakin’ now.

Get your ears around Drown This City’s debut EP False Idols below. 

False Idols is out June 3 via MGM Distribution.

drown this city EP cover

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