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Enter Shikari Drop Banging New Single “Redshift”


In exactly one week from today, Enter Shikari‘s fourth full-length, The Mindsweep, will celebrate its first birthday. Not ones to dwell on the past, however, the genre-defying deviants have taken our minds off the occasion by instead chucking us some new tunes to sink our teeth into. “Redshift” made its debut in the early hours of the morning through Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 program, dropping without any formal announcement to hype us up. Surprise: Accomplished!

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Bridging the gap between Enter Shikari and Shikari Sound System – the band’s dance music alter ego – “Redshift” is a swervy, scatterpaced drum ‘n’ bass-infused banger, an evolution of the ethereal exuberance that The Mindsweep brought us, but more in line with its remix LP, The Mindsweep: Hospitalised.

It’s definitely a change of pace for the English quartet; we’ve never heard Rou Reynolds‘ voice so celestial, and we’ve never seen programming take such precedence over the electrics. But before you jump to the conclusion that “Enter Shikari have gone soft!!!” remember – the same album to feature “No Sssweat” also featured “Adieu”. Enter Shikari are an interesting bunch, and that’s what makes “Redshift” all the more interesting. Where will they go from here? Will they follow it up with an industrial black metal anthem? OH GOD, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?!?

So far, we have no information about whether or not “Redshift” will pop up on the next Enter Shikari full-length. The group have a knack of dropping one-off singles between main releases, so it’s safe to assume that it won’t. They also have a knack for releasing pretty much everything they do on vinyl, though, so keep an eye out for a limited edition 7″ or three.

Suss the video for Enter Shikari’s latest tune “Redshift” below!

Redshift – Single is out now via Ambush Reality / [PIAS]
Grab a copy: iTunes


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