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Check Out Two Unreleased Nirvana Songs From 1993


Almost a whole album’s worth of unreleased Nirvana tracks -including one song allegedly performed by ex-drummer and current Foo Fighters badass Dave Grohl – have been uploaded online for all the internet to bask in. The tracks were apparently uploaded by the new owner, who successfully out-bid a bunch of peasants for the pot of gold at auction.

The composition of tracks, titled The Pachyderm Sessions, hosts seven recordings that reportedly date back to February 13, 1993. The grunge flashback is a mix of alternative versions of “Marigold” and “Dumb” which featured on In Utero (released all the way back in September of the same year).

Oh, and the best part? There are also a number of unreleased tracks on the composition, including a near-4-minute instrumental “Lullaby” and a powerful, high-energy track simply titled “Dave Solo” that will probably make Fooie fans lose their shit.

The tracks first appeared online deep, deep within the Nirvana fan forums. Naturally, we’re on top of the fucking moon, although… We can’t help but think what Kurt would think of this.

Check out “Lullaby” from The Pachyderm Sessions below!

While you’re at it, here’s “Dave Solo” too:

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