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Bad Cop/Bad Cop Have Been Robbed Twice In One Day

Bad Cop:Bad Cop

Okay, so we’ve written enough articles about bands getting their shit stolen that, suckily enough in its own right, it’s not even a shock when it happens anymore. But… Uh… We can’t exactly say we’ve heard many stories about bands with luck this bad.

Up-and-coming Cali punks Bad Cop/Bad Cop were robbed twice in the same day last weekend. The first incident went down when the band rocked up to Texas for a show supporting The Interrupters – thieves were unable to break into their trailer, but snapped up vocalist/guitarist Stacey Dee‘s laptop and acoustic guitar, which were both in their van.

Eager to replace their stolen equipment, fans were rad enough to chuck in some coin – alas, second vocalist/guitarist Jennie Cotterill had her purse stolen nonetheless. The purse was stocked up with the entirety of the band’s touring funds, as well as her own personal money, prescription glasses, house keys and other personal items.

It goes without saying that there are some monumental shitcunts in the world – as Bad Cop/Bad Cop are well versed – but if you’d like to pitch in and help the band out, you can chuck some spare change over to Cotterill’s PayPal – jencotterill@hotmail.com. The band also released their debut album, Not Sorry, last year, which you should also pick up: you get sick tunes, and they get some much-needed dough. Win win!

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