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20 Bands To Watch In 2013

Lincoln Le Fevre

Track Name: Get Drunk, See Bands

Website: www.linclefevre.com

Latest Release: Resonation (Poison City)

Hometown: Hobart

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen:  One day, I was feeling shithouse and laying on the couch at home listening to Luca Brasi and Tyler sent me a text out of the blue telling me that he was listening to one of my records as well. It made me realise that I’ve got some really fucking inspiring friends, so I wanted to pay homage to them all. The title is obviously a nod to Wil and the Smith Street Band boys, but it’s for all the amazing friends I’ve been lucky enough to share a stage with.

What’s the game plan for 2013?
Play as many shows as I can without going broke. I’d like to make it overseas to play somewhere new as well. We’ve also got a Ride the Tiger album coming out soon, so hopefully loads of punk rock shows in between everything else.

For Fans Of:
Oh man. Well, I love bands like Lucero and Whiskeytown, and I wish I was half as good a storyteller as Paul Kelly or Leonard Cohen.

The Sweet Apes

Track Name: “Police Cops”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Police Cops is about the perspective of a soldier in the world war. It was the first track we’ve ever written as a band. It’s also one of our favourite tracks, so we hope you enjoy it just as much!

Latest Release: Our self-titled Debut EP that was released this October!

Hometown: Sydney

Web Address: https://www.facebook.com/TheSweetApes

What’s the game plan for 2013? We’re hoping to play more shows in new places, as well as write new material and further develop our sound as a band. We recently just finished high school, so 2013 will be a very exciting year for us!

For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, Hands Like Houses, Paramore, Pierce The Veil.


Track Name: “Drone”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Drone” is the fourth track from our album Free to Rot, Free to Sin and is probably the most personal song on the record. The structure was written to purposely sound different to the rest of the record and lyrically it talks a lot about isolation, guilt, identity and what makes a home.

Latest Release: Free to Rot, Free of Sin

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia Web Address: www.thebroderick.com

What’s the game plan for 2013? We just want to work towards continuing tour as much as we can and writing new music that we all are excited about.

For Fans Of: Converge, Cult of Luna, The Hope Conspiracy.


Track Name: “Gordons Bay”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Someone once told me a story about a guy at Gordons Bay who was accused by police for sunbaking naked, so he jumped in the water and tried to run away from the cops, after about half an hour of treading water, he came out and was arrested. The police charged him with “exposing himself to minors”. I’m not sure if that story is real. Or interesting. Also… the group vocal melody at the beginning is Epona’s Song from Zelda.
Latest Release: The Deep South Gay Spa EP (available for download on our Soundcloud)

Hometown: Redfern

Web Address: Google

What’s the game plan for 2013? Record a 45”

For Fans Of: The Trashmen, The Cramps, The Stooges, The Hives and The MC5.


Track Name: “Kate From NY State”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: We recorded this song on our own in about five minutes. We used five mics, the little food and gear we could gather, and a lovely little room at The Pitz in Marrickville. The owner of the place moseyed in at one point, took one look and said he’d better change the name of the room to, “Scabby Road”. The song is about a new/old mate from the richest suburb in New York State. She’s an interesting character so it only made sense to write a song which reflected her and all of her tall stories.

Latest Release: Half Now

Hometown: Dulwich Hill, Sydney

Web Address: www.letmedownjungleman.com

What’s the game plan for 2013? Continue writing and recording on our own terms; release as much as we can; and tour every spare minute that gives. We are prolific nobodies and it’s only love for what we do which keeps us going; for no other reason than to write songs and play shows. There’s an amazing amount of new Australian music that inspires us: Mere Women, Witch Hats, Doc Holiday, Royal Headache, Angus Green, to name only a handful of the special acts going for it, so all we want to do right now is play around and enjoy the renaissance.

For Fans Of: The Clean, The Nerves, The Modern Lovers, The Happy Mondays, Patti Smith, BJM, Television, and The Fall


Track Name: “Time Traveller”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Time Traveller is the title track from our debut album, released in July 2012. It encompassed everything about Breaking Orbit – both musically and thematically. Time Traveller is the story about a being – an evolution of our human kind – that travels from the future to our present. He brings with him a message – that our future is a dark, baron place – and that their key to their survival is dependant on extracting our ‘seed’ for the reproduction of humans in the future. The album artwork depicts this theme, with the three dimensional view of the being, travelling from the future to the present.

Latest Release: The Time Traveller (Firestarter)

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Web Address: www.breaking-orbit.com

What’s the game plan for 2013? To keep touring Australia, expanding to new regions each time much like we have done this year. Hopefully later on in the year we will get a chance to take our live show overseas for the first time.

For Fans Of: Tool, Porcupine Tree, Karnivool


Track Name: Imaginary Lines

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: It’s an ambient song with a darker ending. The lyrics are about how certain rules and laws are imposed on us, thus limiting our own personal freedoms.

Latest Release: Our Origami hand-made self titled E.P. Pick it up at a show.

Hometown: Sydney and Wollongong.

Web Address: harbourer.bandcamp.com

What’s the game plan for 2013? Write a bunch of songs, put out a release, and play a heap of shows.

For Fans Of: Balance and Composure, Daylight, Title Fight.


Name: “Since I Left Your House”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: It’s probably our favourite song to play live. It reminds me of getting the fuck out of any bad situation.
Latest Release: “Misery Lane” (the second single from forth coming self titled debut album)
Hometown: North, South and West of Melbourne, Victoria
Web Address: www.moneyforrope.com
What’s the game plan for 2013? Get to Europe and tour our limited edition Spanish LP, tour our Aussie debut relentlessly, record another album.
For Fans Of: Sunnyboys, Radio Birdman, The Saints


Track Name: “Cereal”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: This is taken from our second EP, Thrillhouse, and serves as a little homage to the simple pleasure of ingesting cereal while inebriated and the pitfalls of going out and Kellog’s branding tactics)].

Latest Release: Thrillhouse 7” & Digital EP

Hometown: Sydney

Web Address: www.milhouse.bandcamp.com

What’s the game plan for 2013? We’ve got a split 7” set for release early in the year with our good buddies Headaches (and another cheeky little split 7” tentatively set for a little while after that). We’ll hopefully play Blackwire Records a bunch of times and if the stars align, perhaps we can do a set at the GSL final in Korea.

For Fans Of: Into It. Over It., Good Luck, Weezer


Track Name: “Instilled”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Instilled” is the first song we wrote and the first song we released.

Latest Release: Outsiders Code – demo 2012

Hometown: Melbourne

Web Address: facebook.com/outsiderscode

What’s the game plan for 2013? Release our first album and tour as much as possible.

For Fans Of: Hatebreed, Agnostic front, Integrity.


Track Name: “Auditory Cortex”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Auditory Cortex” (from our EP available for free download from our Facebook) is about the processing and perception of music and tones.

Latest Release: Upcoming debut album early 2013

Hometown: Perth – Western Australia

Web Address: https://www.facebook.com/sensoryamusia

What’s the game plan for 2013? Releasing our debut album and touring it extensively, ideally worldwide.

For Fans Of: Gojira, Aborted, Periphery, Decapitated.


Track Name: “Head In The Clouds”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Head In The Clouds” was actually the first song we recorded, and the first time in our individual music careers that we were able to work in a professional studio environment with some rad people. We wrote the song about forgetting what’s behind you, setting goals and keeping your head held high. The release of the song in January and the reaction that came with it really made us proud of the twisted pop punk sound we’d created, and we certainly saw it as a prime starting line for the band.

Latest Release: “Far From Me” – the new single due out November/December 2012.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Web Address: www.facebook.com/foreverendshere

What’s the game plan for 2013? We’ve certainly got some huge plans for 2013. We’ve been flat out writing new music that we’ll hopefully get to show you all towards the beginning of the year. We’ll be hitting the road as much as possible and playing with both old and new friends from all around the country. We’re always working on surprises, so be sure to keep in touch and an eye out!

For Fans Of: All Time Low, Blink 182, Tonight Alive, We Are The In Crowd, Mayday Parade, You Me At Six, Fall Out Boy


Track Name: “Lead Eyelids”

Tell us about the song: It’s about the unpleasant business of killing people for a living.

Latest Release: Perpetual Victim 10” (Less Talk)

Hometown: Canberra/Queanbeyan

Web Address: thereverendjessecuster.bandcamp.com

Gameplan for 2013: Potential tour, more recording, full length, splits.

For Fans Of: More noise. FFO: Idylls, 4dead, Nighthag, DEAD, Canberra Cannons, FGWMWS, Throat of Dirt, Batpiss and MxCx.


Track Name: Cell

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Probably the most poppy track on the album, standard issue negative lyrics delivered in a positive and “everything-is-gonna-be-alright” fashion. Applicable to any situation.

Latest Release: White Walls (Poison City)

Hometown: Melbourne

Web Address: http://www.facebook.com/whitexwallsx

What’s the game plan for 2013? Tour the album a bit and do some interstate shows, maybe even some overseas shows later in the year if possible. We are currently halfway through writing for album number two so we’ll be looking to get that recorded and released next year, along with some splits with friend’s bands.

For Fans Of: Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Corrupted, Sunn 0))), Wipers


Track Name: “Paradise of Blood”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: “Paradise of Blood” is the second track off our debut album ‘Farewell All Joy’. It is chaotic and noise-riddled. There are some guest vocals on it from Lochlan Watt of Nuclear Summer, who is currently singing for the band in the wake of a recent departure.

Latest Release: Digital split EP with Palisades. Released through Monolith.

Hometown: Brisbane

Web Address: idylls.bandcamp.com

What’s the game plan for 2013? Make more split records, finish writing and recording another full-length, and drink more beers in places outside of Brisbane. Purchase a pram and bib for Tristan.

For Fans Of: Converge, Agents of Abhorrence, Pig Destroyer, Orchid.


Track Name: “Hero In Paradise”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: This one is off our album. It’s basically about us as a band, and how we’ve all been playing music for a while now, but not hit ‘the big time’…and that’s not a bad thing. It’s about a realisation that we’re about making music we like, we love to play and we don’t expect much back from in terms of popularity or fame. Our pal Matt Barker also managed to sneak some saxophone onto this song: We love some sweet sax!

Latest Release: Animal Versus Man (Arrest)
Hometown: Brisbane

Web Address: www.armyofchampions.net
What’s the game plan for 2013? We are keen to play some cities we’ve never played before. We already have a couple things lined up interstate. So yeh, just a lot of shows and hopefully some tours. Also been working on some new stuff for a 7″. We want to do something interesting with it though. Who knows, maybe well just end up doing Roy Orbison covers.
For Fans Of: Bouncing souls / Against Me! / Tom Waits / Hot Water Music


Track Name: “The Colours Went With You”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: It’s a bit of an autobiographical recount.

Latest Release: Diamond Teeth (Resist)

Hometown: Byron Bay

Web Address: www.facebook.com/toyboats

What’s the game plan for 2013? I’m going to continue working on the songs that I’m writing and turn them into a new release. I want to play live as much as I can too.

For Fans Of: The Cure, Bright Eyes, Fences, Elliott Smith.


Track Name: “Cycles”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: Grasping uniqueness when things seem a bit cyclic, and accepting that is the way it is. Being a hopeful nihilist no matter how little sense that makes.

Latest Release: New Patterns EP

Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland

Web Address: el-alamein.bandcamp.com

What’s the game plan for 2013? More fruity writing with a little hint of dissonance and explosion; comparable to a passionfruit. Actual band wise; maybe a split 7”, probably an LP, another tour on this land and beyond…

For Fans Of: Hot Cross, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Meet Me in St Louis, Algernon Cadwallader, Kidcrash.


Track Name: “High Risk, High Rewards”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: It’s the audio equivalent to Wild At Heart; like getting your face smashed into some stairs while everybody is watching.

Latest Release: High Tension S/T 7” (OSCL)

Hometown: Melbourne, AUS

Web Address: https://www.facebook.com/HighTensionBand

What’s the game plan for 2013? Aim high, punch low.

For Fans Of: Meat pies, Cork hats, kickin’ footies and your mates and just having a bloody good go.


Track Name: “Dragging Dead Horses”

Tell us about the song you’ve chosen: This is one of the two songs we had demo’d earlier this year (which is available on our facebook for free).

Latest Release: TBC!

Hometown: All over Sydney.

Web Address: facebook.com/snakesgetbadpress

What’s the game plan for 2013? We are recording an EP early 2013 with our good mate Tim Carr at 301 studios. Along with gigging as much as possible.

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