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Weezer: On Weezer

With their first Australian tour in 16 years going on sale tomorrow morning, Australian Guitar’s Lachlan Marks caught up with the four members of Weezer for a brief commentary on one of their favourite subjects: playing Weezer songs. The likes of Good Charlotte and Saves The Day have been making a go of covering their classic Pinkerton and Blue albums but here the men themselves give us a lesson on just how to get that nerd rock sound down. If you’re starting a Weezer cover band or just want to know how to give your own band that Weezer-ian edge, take note.

The Congregation of Atreyu

Patrick Wilson [drums]
“A steady beat, thick guitar sound.”

The Congregation of Atreyu

Scott Shriner [bass guitar, vocals]
“I’d say my biggest tip for people trying to learn Weezer songs is play with attitude. Perfection can be boring. Dig in a bit and get with the program. I’m finding more and more that the distortion that comes from turning an amp up sounds way better than any “distortion” or “fuzz”” pedal. Everybody must sing. Even if you don’t have the best pitch keep singing its good for your soul. Enjoy yourself at all times!”

The Congregation of Atreyu

Rivers Cuomo [vocals, guitar]
“A lot of our songs are tuned down a half step, We like to do all downstrokes rather than up and down, We don’t use a lot of effects pedals, We prefer power chords to barre chords.”

The Congregation of Atreyu
Brian Bell [guitar, vocals]

“The early stuff is mostly down strokes on the guitar and the guitars are tuned down a half step. Also learn to play chords whose roots start on the A string in 2nd inversion, for example a D chord would be spelled A, D, F# fretted at the 5th fret, 5th fret, 4th fret respectively, not A, D, A, D, F#.”

Weezer tour Australia in January 2012. Tickets are on sale from 9am Thursday 26 July from www.ticketmaster.com.au.

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