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Redcoats: Giving It A Fresh Coat


Melbourne’s hard-hittin’, hard-tokin’ new rock hope Redcoats are taking it slow, keeping it pure and going for the long-term gold.

Melbourne boys Redcoats may not have registered on your rock radar yet, but that’s how they’ve planned it, according to frontman Emilio Mercuri.

“We’re just letting people find it themselves,” he explains. “We just want to build a strong fanbase that are into it because of the music and not just the passing commentary of it, the ‘other people like it so we should’ factor. It’s definitely an organic way we’re taking it, and we’re not putting it in people’s faces through a major label’s marketing scheme.”

This doesn’t mean the band is not ambitious. With only four years on the clock they’ve already decided a full-time music career is the way to go and bailed out of the workforce.

“None of us have had jobs for the past couple of years. Our job is to come into practice as much as we can,” he assures BLUNT. “We don’t have too much respect for any kind of monetary value other than living at the moment. It was a big change but it was something we all wanted to do.”

While Mercuri doesn’t go into the specifics of how a young band survives without a regular pay cheque (our guess is a lot of noodles and communal warehouse accomodation), he does insist they’ve made a lot of sacrifices to focus on getting the sound and stage show down.

We all believe that it’s something that can flourish that will give a lot of stability and will allow us to do it forever. I think you need to make those sacrifices when you’re a bit younger. You’ll just never know otherwise.”

The Redcoats’ relaxed but determined approach to conquering the music industry can’t really be faulted as over the past 12 months the band have released an EP, sold out their own shows and been added to most of summer festivals as well as joining Stone Temple Pilots as support for their national tour.

“Now that was amazing man,” laughs Mercuri. “We went from 200-300 capacity venues to 5000- 6000 people a night so it was a bit daunting at first, but after the first one we fell into the groove of things and learnt some important lessons about what we want to do and what we can achieve. It was a really good things to do early in our careers.” A natural choice for the tour, given their throwback sound that references ‘90s pioneers such as Jeff Buckley and Kyuss as well as staples like Black Sabbath, Redcoats aren’t that concerned with being tagged as a grunge or stoner rock band.

Well we try not to pigeon hole ourselves really. Across the band our influences are very vast and differ between the four of us… but yeah we’re stoners [laughs] and that’s exactly what we do so we’re not too phased by it. The truth is it’s exactly what we do.”

And like good stoners, do Redcoats spend all day talking about tones and the ultimate fuzz pedal?

“Oh yeah, we spend most nights sitting on gear forums and watching pedal documentaries, figuring out how to build our own pedals. We are geeks in that sense. They get a new pedal and then the next day they need something else and then one’s being put back on the shelf. It’s a revolving door. I don’t think it’s something that will ever be achieved.”

As vocalist and lyricist, Mercuri is similarly seeking out perfection from his own contribution to Redcoats, reflecting on his work on the self-titled EP.

“I always pick out things that I’d like to change, but at the time we were experiencing new things to write about. As young guys, it can be a bit of a shallow pond to jump in to, but as we get older and we learn some new things about our lives and our surroundings it will definitely flourish into something more mature.”

Redcoats is out now through Universal.

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