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Miles Away: Make It Count

The Congregation of Atreyu

What are the biggest differences between the Miles Away of 2002 and the Miles Away of 2012?

Well, now I can finally grow a beard! Ten years, it’s a hell of long time. Back in 2002 I was the 16-year-old kid sitting outside the 18+ venues waiting for security to let me inside 10 minutes before we played. Now I’m a 26-year-old man living and studying overseas. This band has witnessed us all change, grow and take our lives in many different directions. This growth is definitely something that you can hear throughout our records. We are a much tighter unit these days. We don’t have time for petty bullshit anymore, we’re not one of those hardcore bands that is “trying to make it” so those that were dragging team MA down have moved along and I can speak.

How did idea and line-up come about for the Make It A Decade tour?

Earlier this year MA and Bane went to Japan to play with our good friends in FC5 for their final shows. These shows were pretty spectacular and really changed something within all of us in MA. FC5 had been together for 12 years and have positively shaped the hardcore scene in Japan. During these shows, we witnessed the respect and honour the fans had for FC5. It was truly an inspirational experience that we’ll never forget. We have done some pretty solid tours with FC5 in the past and sharing the stage with them for these final shows was really monumental for us. It was because of our time in Japan that we decided to do a 10-year anniversary tour and also bring our Maine brothers in Cruel Hand along for the ride. We have toured with CH more than any band in the world, yet we have never actually played together in Australia. So with the almighty Hand and The Others, I think we’re going to have one hell of a good time.

You’ve made a solid effort to include a good amount of all ages shows on the run, do you think there’s a new generation of hardcore kids discovering Miles Away these days?

We always try to play as many AA shows as possible as that’s what hardcore is all about. NOBODY should be excluded. For us it’s not about trying to score new fans or anything like that. There are definitely people who are only just getting into MA, as we’ve noticed the amount of young faces at shows who are only familiar with our latest record, but that is totally fine. We love that record, and we also know how daunting it can be to start listening to bands that have a bunch of releases. The fact that young people are listening to us is what matters. In North America, Europe and Asia, all hardcore shows are not age restricted and if we had it our way, we would make sure that all of our shows in Australia were the same.

What’s been the best show in the past decade?

Wow. What a question! I don’t think I could pick just one. But the Halloween Gilman Street show in California on the Bane/Defeater/MA/Rotting Out Dead End Path tour in 2011 definitely stands out. Not just because of our show and crowd response, but the entire show was incredible. I think if you’d ever seen a Bane show, you’d understand.

And the worst?

We really haven’t played any terrible shows. From a personal point of view, I would say that being electrocuted in Leeds mid-set was probably my worst experience on stage. I blacked out and spent the rest of the night in hospital. Oh and in Brighton in the UK too we played this kind of last minute show. Took us forever to get there cause there was some marathon on for overweight people. The stage had this huge neon sign that said “sex” on it… yeah sweet. We ended up playing to about three people who were sitting on a couch arguing with each other. What a show!

Miles Away are on tour throughout December with the Make It A Decade Tour.

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