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In Hearts Wake: Endless Roads

Like the elder statesmen of the Byron Bay scene before them, In Hearts Wake approaches every facet of band life with a sense of gratitude and humility. After years of relentless touring, traversing Australia’s highways playing in even the most remote regional locations, the five-piece metalcore ensemble dropped their rather stellar UNFD debut, Divination, last August which, to the group’s surprise, made a hefty dint in the upper echelon of the ARIA charts. It’s eight months later and refreshingly, very little has changed for the rather Zen-sounding Jake Taylor, the quintet’s vocalist and lyricist.

“Man, honestly, it’s just been such an awesome ride. We didn’t expect anything upon recording Divination, we just went in and said, ‘Let’s get it done and do our very best and see where it takes us,’” he says from a bungalow in the heart of Byron Bay. “Everything from UNFD picking us up to the chart debut is just a bonus. Sincerely, we didn’t have any expectation attached to that record.”

Rewards are few and far between in the dog eat dog business of rock’n’roll; however, years of personally funded recordings, long drives and self-sufficient touring were the catalyst for Divination’s success, not an over the top marketing campaign or cleverly constructed game plan, something that means more to Taylor than any of the more flashy accolades that have been bestowed upon In Heart’s Wake.

“I agree, man, in this scene it’s who you know and not what you are, at least it has been in the past, but it’s something we feel very strongly about, attacking our band with a full underground approach that is,” enthuses the singer. “You know, in high school we toured every weekend and built things to the point where we could take it a little more seriously and that’s why we’re here today. I think that hard work and longer path really helped with the album and I feel it shows in the way we still approach our band.”

The outfit’s naturalistic roots have impacted more than just their work ethic, with Divination’s striking artwork and its accompanying video clips all showcasing, rather predominantly, a world that’s far removed from the technological grind many of us are caught up in on a daily basis. It’s those individual traits that seem to have connected with the band’s fans (of which there are many) and allowed them to distance themselves from what is becoming an increasingly crowded pack.

“I don’t want to say what we’re doing is too different, but I do feel it stays true to what we actually believe and enjoy, which is those organic, natural elements. Coming from the Byron Shire is something that’s really played a key part in defining In Hearts Wake, so it makes sense that we try and get that across in our videos, lyrics and artwork.”
It’s this unintentional mass-appeal that has seen In Hearts Wake tour with a slew of different acts throughout 2012, from label mates House VS Hurricane and Dream On Dreamer, to UK electro-mob Enter Shikari. Still, after performing to sold out rooms in our nation’s major cities, it’s the path less walked that inspires them to carry on. “I feel the regionals are almost the most important places you can play. They are always the most appreciative.

Sure, it’s never the biggest turnout or money earner, but it’s not about that. It’s that connectivity you feel when you hit those towns. Those kids actually care, man, they’re not standing there with their arms crossed because there’s nothing else to do, they really want to be there. By continuing to play those areas we can help sustain the underground. Plus,” Taylor chuckles, “they’re the most fun for us, because they’re so far out of the way we get to stick with our nature vibe.”

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