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Exclusive: Gettin’ To Know With Confidence

With Confidence Main Promo by Georgia Moloney

And now the story of the little pop-punk band that could. We love seeing local bands break out from the pack and Sydney’s With Confidence one of the latest to make make their mark at home and abroad. The four-piece have gone from strength to strength over the last four years, gigging their way across the country and nabbing tours with some of the biggies like You Me At Six, Tonight Alive and Real Friends (among a slew of others).

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When Hopeless Records came a’knocking at the start of this year, it was proof that their hard work had paid off and ever since, a monstrous amount of hype has been steadily building ever since news came of the band’s debut LP, Better Weather, which is set to drop June 17.

In an exclusive video interview, Jayden Seeley, Inigo Del Carmen, Luke Rocket and Josh Brozzesi sink into the couch to talk the best pranks they’ve ever played, who takes the most selfies, and which member is the worst to be stuck in a tour van with.

Onwards and upwards, fellas!

Watch With Confidence engage in some A+ banter below.

Better Weather is out June 17 via Hopeless Records/UNFD.

Pre-orders are available via iTunes and 24Hundred.

With Confidence


1. Voldemort
2. Keeper
3. Archers
4. We’ll Be Okay
5. Gravity
6. Keys
7. Long Night
8. Dinner Bell
9. Higher
10. Waterfall

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