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Cancer Bats: Black Thrashers

The Congregation of Atreyu

After the excitement of the Sydney Soundwave Festival, took the streetwise men from Cancer Bats to a downtown skate park in Sydney’s Inner West for a day of board bashing on the ramps. With an armful of brand new boards thanks to our pals at Globe, the Bats snatched up their favourites and hit the concrete.

Frontman Liam Cormier proved to be the most adept of the bunch – he even indulged in a little stretching beforehand – with rumours circulating that he’d given up a potential career as a professional skate rat to focus on the band. First to take the plunge, he made several attempts at a few complex tricks – grinds and kickflips and whatnot – several of which were alarmingly successful. Bass player Jaye R. Schwarzer, who went straight for the Flipskate Vato Sidewalk Surfer, kept it old school and tore up some pavement, cheered on by his bandmates. Drummer Mike Peters who had initially tagged himself as a “non-skater” had some great form whilst guitarist Scott Middleton… well, he was kind enough to stand on the enjoi board for a few photos. We grabbed some shade and talked big riffs and guitar set-ups with him instead for a good while.

After a couple of hours the boards were well worn, a few new grazes were earned and the band piled back into the van to go and do what they do best – thrash the fuck out. That said, we now know skateboarding comes a close second.

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