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Cancer Bats: Netflix and Chill

Cancer Bats

Look, we’ve all had a good Netflix binge before. Be it watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black or Game Of Thrones in the space of a weekend, we’ve all made impressive arse-grooves on our couches while burning through hours of TV in one sitting. Cancer Bats vocalist Liam Cormier is no different from you or I. Before they head our way for an upcoming Australian tour, we caught up with the frontman to talk about how he spends his time off.

We hear you’re a bit of a Netflix fiend. What are you currently watching?
Currently I’m watching a bunch of stuff. I’m trying to catch up on Friday Night Lights; I was late on that show. It’s about a Texan high school football team, and it’s amazing. I’m also watching that new Wet Hot American Summer series which just came out on Netflix.

I haven’t watched the series for Wet Hot, but I saw the original movie about a month ago and loved it. I’ve just started Friday Night Lights as well, and I’m really enjoying it.
Oh dude, I just finished season two of Friday Night Lights. That show is the sickest!

Our editor here is a huge fan of it and is constantly telling me to watch it.
That’s the thing, it came out in like 2005 and that’s when Cancer Bats started touring like crazy. So for me, I kind of missed a lot the internet and TV at that time. Between 2005 and I think 2012 I wasn’t really on top of my TV game. So now I can go back and watch all that stuff, and be like, “Aw yeah, The Good Wife! I’m going to watch The Good Wife from start to finish, hell yeah!” 

Are there any series you just finished watching? Like, either a season or an entire series you’ve just blown through?
I re-watched all of Twin Peaks recently, which I haven’t done in like forever. I hadn’t seen it since I was a kid when it was on TV, and that I got really into. I got really pumped to re-watch Twin Peaks, and re-remembering it. It’s like watching old X-Files, you kind of forget how campy and bad-in-an-amazing way Twin Peaks is. I forgot how funny Twin Peaks was, and how goofy all the characters are. I love that about it, and it made me excited. It’s funny too, because so many people were like, “Oh, halfway through the second season you can stop. It loses it” but front to back I thought it was the best thing ever. At no point was I not entertained or wanted to fast-forward it. I’m more into this now than I was when I was 12 when I first saw it.

Are you excited for the new season?
That’s the thing, I’m keeping an open mind about it. I’ve been hearing things and there’s a lot of gossip about who’s involved and what will happen, but whatever, I’ll give it a chance. Right now it’s about fifty-fifty, y’know? It’ll either suck or it’ll rule. I’ll watch it! There’s also that new culture of binge watching, you know what I mean? If they do it as an eight-episode, True Detective-style show, I’ll crush that in two days. I’ll binge watch the shit out of it!

Are there any shows you want to start watching?
I do need to start the second season of True Detective. I missed the start of it when it was coming out on TV. Now that it’s finished I think I’ll watch all eight episodes in a day and just crush it. I also just started watching Bloodline, and I’m really into that too. It’s got the coach from Friday Night Lights, and that’s partially why I’m way too into it. It’s like, Coach Taylor, you’re the fucking man. You’re gonna solve a crime now? Hell yeah! 

Is there a show that you started but just couldn’t get into?
I’m usually pretty good at seeing things through. Although, I’ll say with Game Of Thrones there are certain points where I feel a little bit less engaged. If people around me are watching it and I’m four episodes behind I’m like, fuck it, I’ll keep watching from where you guys are. I feel with that show I’m a little bit less engaged. It’s still good, I really like it, but it’s not one of those shows where I’m like, “Oh my god, if I don’t watch this episode I’m going to freak out!” There’s lots of stuff with more suspense and drama, like The Killing, which is one of those shows where I had to see the rest of it because it’s so intense. I feel like Game Of Thrones doesn’t have me in the same way Friday Night Lights does.

I feel like I’ve drifted off Game Of Thrones as well. I’m still interested, but I’m not dying to see a new episode like I was two or so seasons ago.
Yeah, and I think that there’s so many storylines I’m just like, eh, I can do without it. But I’m like, what’s going to happen to Brian “Smash” Williams? What college is he going to go to?! That’s the stuff I need to find out. Actually, one show I’m super into and excited that they’re making more seasons of is Leftovers. It’s super fucking gnarly! It’s really good, but really harsh. There are some really heavy, graphic gnarly scenes. I won’t give it away, but it’s way harsher than I thought it’d be, but in a really good way.

What would you say is your favourite TV show of all time?
I guess after having gone back and looking at it I’d say Twin Peaks, but also maybe Seinfeld too. I’ve watched every single Seinfeld and if it’s on TV, I’ll still crush an episode. It’s unstoppable – it’s funny, all the characters are great; I can’t think of a bad Seinfeld episode, which is crazy when you think about how many episodes they made.

I watched all of Seinfeld within a month and remember a lot of people telling me that the last few seasons were bad. And like, those seasons weren’t as good, but they were still pretty good.
Yeah, there’s some serious lols there. Like when George is working for the Yankees and he makes the nap station under his desk. It’s so good! 

What’s one TV show you can’t stand to watch?
I feel like there’s a ton of those “quirky” sitcoms like Two And A Half Men, or Big Bang Theory. No beef to people who like those shows, but canned laughter and such groaner kind of jokes, it’s like, whatever dude. I find a lot of that stuff, like Everybody Loves Raymond, that show is so whatever. I’m stoked those people are making that show and they all have jobs. I’m stoked for all those people who enjoy it, but man, I cannot be fucked to watch them. This guy does not love Raymond! [laughs] Same goes for Big Bang Theory. I’m glad those nerds are doing it, but man, I just couldn’t get into that show. I’d rather crush How I Met Your Mother, you know what I mean? If I’m on an airplane and that’s all they’ve got, I’ll watch some Neil Patrick Harris. I’d sooner try to go to sleep than watch an episode of Big Bang. 

What show or shows do you consider to be a guilty pleasure?
I’m not scared of the world; I don’t feel guilty about anything. There are some shows that I’m surprised people feel guilty about them. I think Mindy Project is hilarious, but there are a lot of people who won’t bring it up when you ask them. I think that show is really good and there are a lot of people who are like, “Yeah, I like it…”, but the moment you bring up that you’re into it too they’re suddenly like, “Oh yeah, I just crushed the third season!” And it’s like, what?! You should be fine with it; Mindy Project is funny, who cares! I don’t know what the beef is – why isn’t it cool to watch Mindy Project because everyone watches Mindy Project? Another one I feel that’s hit-and-miss that I like but I know a lot of people are on the fence about is Brooklyn Nine Nine. The guys in my band are into it, but it definitely took me telling them about it for them to check it out. I feel like those two, Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine Nine, those are the ones people aren’t as onboard about. 

What’s one TV show you think is overrated and one that’s underrated?
Overrated I think would be any of those America’s Got Talent type shows. Like, I don’t really care that people love it, but I’m always like, really? People love this shit? I can’t watch a single episode of it. Any of those singing shows like The Voice or whatever, I just can’t watch it. Maybe that’s because I’m in a band. Underrated… I don’t know. There was an amazing show called Superjail. I thought it was amazing like Robot Chicken where everyone is so stoked on it and it’s the biggest thing ever, but I found they only did like two or three seasons. Maybe it was hard to keep that story going, and I know that guy animates a ton of other stuff, but I was surprised that it was “the” thing.

What are the essential ingredients for a great Netflix binge?
It’s definitely good doing it a day after a thing. I just finished roofing my house today and I’m sunburnt as fuck – me and Mikey [Peters, drums] did it, and we’re so tired. I could just crush, I could annihilate some TV tomorrow because I’m so tired. That’s always a good one. If you do a thing no one will fuck with you. You just did a festival or you just drove for 24 hours? Yeah, of course I won’t bother you, you just want to chill on your couch. That’s when you’re like, hell yeah I want to watch another episode of Bloodline! What’s Coach Taylor going to do! [laughs]

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