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Boris The Blade: Set Fire To The Hive

Deathcore’s brightest hope are local, angry and ready to break your nose.

Boris The Blade

Melbourne’s most fearsome death-mosh merchants Boris The Blade have been steadily writing, recording and gigging since 2011, quietly building a fanbase while consistently upstaging many of their touring partners in the process. No longer content to play second fiddle to those around them, the group – fronted by the ferocious-looking yet remarkably chummy Sharpy (or Daniel Sharp, whatever floats your boat really) – look set to follow in the footsteps of fellow Australian bruisers Thy Art Is Murder by taking their show on the international road.

“It definitely feels like people have taken more of an interest in us because we’re from Australia,” beams Sharp, who’s made the time to chat while the band wraps up their current European trek. “I think the Australian bands that have come before us have really opened the eyes and ears of the European metal community so that they know that Australia produces some of the best heavy music in the world.”

If the world’s metal masses are already starting to warm to Boris The Blade, then the release of their Faction/Sony debut is going to amplify the situation tenfold. Once again working with their longtime collaborator Matt Shorter (who handled the desk work for the five-piece’s Tides Of Damnation EP) at his Sunshine Coast studio, The Human Hive is a bleak and devastatingly heavy take on the modern, technical metal template. The drums are as precise as you’d expect and the guitars grind their way through a series of tortured riffs and leads throughout the disc, but it’s Sharp’s roar and intimidating presence that makes the outfit a truly fearsome proposition.

“To put it simply, The Human Hive is incredibly twisted, morbid and aggressive. Originally we had an entire concept locked in for the album, but we pulled it at the last minute,” he explains. “We felt it was more important to focus on individual songs that had similar content rather than being restricted to the one theme.”

Although the group experienced a minor change to their line-up during the writing of The Human Hive (with guitarist Roman Koester joining their aforementioned pals in Thy Art Is Murder, only to be released earlier this year), Boris The Blade’s remaining core simply ploughed onward, putting their staunch work ethic to good use.

“We had some stuff written with Roman but nothing too solid. When it came to locking in the recording we just let Josh [Lording, guitar] do his thing, as he wrote the majority of it on his own,” recalls Sharp. “Once that was done we just hit the studio for 12 hours a day for two weeks until it was finished.”

With The Human Hive not only receiving a high-profile push at home in Australia, but across the pond via SOAR as well, all that’s really left for Boris The Blade now is to deliver the goods on the ultra competitive live circuit, something that we suspect won’t be an issue for Sharp and co.

“In the last 12 months we’ve toured Australia and opened for a bunch of different international acts, which led to a false sense of success, you know, not knowing if they really like your band or if they’re just there for the headliner, but it definitely feels like the BTB army is growing with every show,” he enthuses. “After every show on the Desolation Tour there was a lot of bruises and bloodied noses,” chuckles the singer, “but it’s just awesome to see the same people coming back for more and seeing us again and again in their home city.”

As for the pressure of stepping up their live show to match that of their international counterparts…

“Since day one we set out to be the most intimidating live act we could, so trust me, every show will be one that you won’t forget.”



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