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BLUNT TV: Hands Like Houses – “I Am”

Hands Like Houses

Live from Def Wolf Studios, it’s BLUNT TV! There’s nothing in the world quite like witnessing a band at the peak of their powers giving an unforgettable live performance. From the literal blood, sweat and tears to the ringing in your ears, the raw energy is unmistakable. For those moments when the best seat in the house is your couch and a bedroom mosh is all too appealing, we’ll be bringing the live music to you. Watch as we take your favourite heavy bands deep into the heart of Sydney to Def Wolf Studios to put their live skills to the test – all for your viewing pleasure.

Next up we’ve got Canberra alt-rockers Hands Like Houses cranking out a stellar version of their single, “I Am”, from their upcoming album, Dissonants. We caught the boys at their Newtown Social Club show in Sydney and can safely say we’re ultra psyched to hear more new songs sneak their way into the band’s live set. Until then, strap yourselves in and crank this one up to 11.

Check out Hands Like Houses performing “I Am” live below.

  • cadmunt

    so rad, scream more and come to tasmania

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