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BLUNT TV: Gallows at Soundwave 2013



Welcome to the first installment of BLUNT TV! As well as reading interviews from your favourite bands and musos, you can now watch them courtesy of yours truly.

Having spent a boatload of time backstage at this year’s Soundwave Festival in Sydney, we figured what better way to kick off BLUNT TV than with an interview with Wade MacNeil, Laurent “Lags” Barnard and Stuart Gili-Ross from UK hardcore punk act Gallows. Watch the boys chat about kicking it as a four-piece, who they were stoked to see on this year’s festival, and why they’d still see Slayer even if a bunch of old ladies were cranking out the hits.


BLUNT TV: Gallows at Soundwave 2013 from BLUNT Magazine on Vimeo.


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